Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mobile Entrepreneurship Mode of CWMALLS

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Global Mobile Cooperation Sharing Series – CWMALLS® Mobile Entrepreneurship mode formally spreading all around the world. Breaking a new path, finding everything fresh and new, free and flexible, easy to do, such a brand new mobile entrepreneurship, sharing, experiencing mode is your new stage to challenge yourself and make dreams come true. Meanwhile, it is also the incubator to realize freedom values and innovation values. With global first “CWMALLS Mobile 4.0” entrepreneurship, cooperation, sharing mode, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY will help every partner who has dream and passion find and implement your own presence, sense of value, share with people and benefit everyone! We welcome you to share, communicate and cooperate together! It will be more wonderful with action!

“CWMALLS® Mobile Entrepreneurship” is the latest masterpiece of us as we enter Mobile age from PC age. Its launch formally stands for our new standard and mode in the new personalization, specialty, fragmentation, social, and liberalization network era. This is an absolute innovation upgrade, in zero distance, face to face, anytime, anywhere, it can let everyone inspire their own potential. Mobile sharing, making friends, spreading via WeChat, freedom, flexibility, enjoyment of Facebook, “various styles” of Wish, and other advantages with characteristics of the times will perfectly upgrade and change in CWMALLS Mobile Life 4.0”. This is a brand new life and work style, and also a unique entrepreneurship and sharing mode. Everyone could be the main role, everyone can show his talents, everyone can make contributions to society and human beings via CWMALLS® Mobile Entrepreneurship. This is a more scientific, green, environmental and sustainable new concept, there is no sole, but to be better! Classic mobile internet Utopia mode, CWMALLS sincerely invite more dreamers and movers to pay attention to this great entrepreneurship upgrade work!

“CWMALLS® Mobile Entrepreneurship” is another intelligent life, work mode that we build by relying on the powerful mobile intelligent device Therefore, our research and development team, technical team, operation team, design team, legal department, risk control department, product department carry out a large scale of theoretical arguments, frame construction, model deduction, internal testing, and gradually improvement, and other intensive work. Also combined with the present trend, we have wide and deep cooperation with Google, Amazon, Apple, Oracle, Qualcomm, Samsung, Facebook, WeChat and other outstanding companies from all kinds of industries. In order to strive to create a really safe, stable and peaceful, innovative, green, free, democratic new social ecological system through our common efforts. CWMALLS COMMODITY whole industrial chain standardized operation mode is also adhering to our innovation, standard, perfection, sharing and cooperation attitude in CWMALLS® Mobile Entrepreneurship project. This is an entrepreneurship marathon without ending, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY will definitely make our mobile entrepreneurship bring you more values with our efforts, collaboration with many partners, great support and help by people all from all walks of life! Mobile makes life more beautiful, mobile entrepreneurship makes the world more wonderful! We look forward to sharing more uniqueness with you! CWMALLS mobile will be more wonderful with your participation!


Jan 15, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Global Network Cooperation Star Project of CWMALLS

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Global Network Cooperation Star Project – “CWMALLS® Spark Action” officially being launched in 10 universities throughout the world. This is a brand new mobile micro business project, and also a sharing of improving self and win-win cooperation. With a more professional, concentrated, standard, and perfect cooperation concept and service concept, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY will carry out the sharing and cooperation with all kinds of elites. Let the boat of dream and entrepreneurship, and the ship of cooperation set sail inspirationally in CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Global Network Cooperation Star Project. To be the most outstanding, to be the best to share everything with the world, and make the whole world become better and more wonderful with our existence!

“CWMALLS® Spark Action” is another upgrade work of our “Dandelion Plan”, and it the latest darling of mobile entrepreneurship, sharing and social life. There, we have carried out trials with 10 business universities(three in the Asia-Pacific, five in the North America, and 2 in Europe), and we have wide and deep cooperation in discovery, reserve, training, research and cooperation of talents, especially aimed at technical talents, develop talents, design talents, edit talents, promotion talents who are our main target persons to support and cooperate. At the same time, we also provide direct employment chances, international practice, communication, training for some outstanding talents; this is the best choice for fragmentation, personalization, liberalization, iterative, mobile, social, sharing and network era, and win-win for dream and reality, theory and practice, cooperation and sharing, mutual assistance and sublimation. Welcome college students from around the world to take active part in our “CWMALLS® Spark Action”. No limits to gender, race, religion, nationality or age, as long as you have dreams and great love, CWMALLS’s gate and CWMALLS COMMODITY’s stage will open for you; working together is better than being unparalleled in the world. Let us go heart to heart and hand in hand to spread our wings to fly for the same big dream. CWMALLS will be more wonderful with your participation!

“CWMALLS® Spark Action” is our daring vanguard to fully enter mobile cooperation, sharing and communication age. Also it is the new model of our global elite project, a single spark can start a prairie fire, let every excellent student bloom to be the most beautiful and wonderful self. Therefore, we work out detailed cooperation standard, training plan and assessment mechanism. Meanwhile, we will build global unified standard of value system to protect every innovator, actor, endeavor and dreamer. Original works, patented new products, innovative products also need every “star” to pass on, share, experience and upgrade, and make contributions to set up a more civilized, green, secure, faithful, sustainable new network environment and system. CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY set ourselves an example to others, with a pragmatic and open attitude, we are willing to carry out a seamless docking with worldwide college students who have dreams and pursuits; being brilliant, know-how, extraordinary, we hope you can become our dominant force to promote social progress together! Live for dreams and missions! The world is in front of us, and CWMALLS is just around you! Let’s go forward together! CWMALLS — the platform of dream, CWMALLS — the stage of entrepreneurship, CWMALLS —…


Jan 13, 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Original designer dress shoes for men

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 original designer, innovative designer Men’s Italian Dress Shoes officially being launched globally for selling both online and offline, by the world-class internet cooperation, every link and detail are filled with networking elements from originality, research and development, design, manufacture and to sharing. Technology sense, artistry, intelligence are the core concepts of the design, and they are fully revealed in every pair of unique “works”, especially the application of innovation workmanship and materials make them be your best choices of business, leisure, vocation and dating as they are comfortable, stylish and decent, and they speak for the 2017 Valentines Day Gift series. Welcome worldwide old and new customers, clients to pay great attention and actively appreciate it, there will be super surprise if you order online right now!


CWMALLS® Dress Shoes” are another great works after CWMALLS Leather Jackets Series and CWMALLS Leather Bags Series. Nano printing series, DIY series, laser cutting series, art embossing series, handwriting abstraction series, vintage art series and so on, these maverick original masterpieces will lay a unique foundation for your sunshine avenue, wonderful life and perfect life in 2017. Handcraft has come down for one hundred years and the world's intangible cultural heritage, they combine together to inject the soul of craftsman spirit into every pair of CWMALLS® Men’s Dress Shoes. Classic workmanship from Italy, France and Ireland, and the cooperation of the United States, Germany and CWMALLS Network Design Lab, they raise the production and manufacture processes to an unprecedented level by networking standardization and personalized services. Rich colors, rich styles, multi-element, free collocation also provide you an almost perfect online shopping solution. Big or small, wide or narrow, we can solve it for you instantly with big data through the internet or on mobile. 66 standardized working procedures, from measuring foot, making shoe last, choosing style, choosing leather, cutting, sewing, finalizing the design, color matching to inspection and so on, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex complete these with the networking standardized management, and open up a real dreaming trip for you to make your steps brilliant, walk fast and vigorously , be easy and handsome. Hope web celebrities, talents, fans, famous people and partners can actively experience and share it! Its brilliance is just your excellence! It is worth your owning!


Jan 10, 2017

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Some tricks of social networking of CWMALLS

Online marketing has become a hot phrase since the ecommerce appeared, and with the development of internet and ecommerce, more and more marketing methods have appeared besides the traditional ones like SEM, SEO, email marketing and RSS feeds, such as social networking, blogging, online favorites and bookmarking. Among all these methods, social networking seems to be the hottest one at present, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and so on, because almost all internet users cannot leave social network today. Thus for ecommerce corporations, how to take advantage of social network is of great importance.

CWMALLS, an ecommerce corporation specializing in leather garments has spent a lot of time and energy in social networking and achieved a good result. Let’s take a brief look at it.

Firstly, it lays stress on wishlist and photo sharing at many sharing sites such as ShopYourWay, Listly, Addwish, Juxtapost, Gentlemint, Polyvore, RebelMouse, Pinterest, Flipboard and so on. Through adding product information at these site to publicize it to all online users who may see it and click to its site, and it proves to be effective.

Secondly, it has an official account on YouTube to upload short videos of its products irregularly to show its newest dynamic to all the YouTube users. Until now it has more than 1,800 subscribers and many people have watched its videos. It chooses this publicity method because people prefer to see photos and videos rather than words nowadays.

Thirdly, it doesn’t give up the classic text publicity. It launches news daily at its official site, Facebook and Google+, and updates blogs irregularly at many blog sites like WordPress, Blogger, Edublogs, etc. in order to tell everyone the latest and important things of it.

The key of social networking is to spread the information everywhere people can reach and choose the way they can accept easily. And don’t forget to communicate with them as interaction can show your glamour better and make the marketing more unperceivable.



Freelance writer, columnist

Dec 14,2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Discovering more in original design

Original design, I bet you are not unfamiliar with this phrase which can be applied in every aspect of our life. Everything we use is designed originally except imitations from the appearance to the practicability. Original design is actually not so mysterious as you imagine, and it just comes from our actual needs in life. What it emphasizes is difference, so innovation and creation are inevitable. As a brand, it must be distinctive even unique from others if it desires to develop and gain much reputation. Although many businessmen know this, they are hard to achieve it because it requires a lot of cost, investment and painstaking efforts which may not gain equal returns. Thus imitating the existing brands and copying their designs are much easier to succeed. However, even if such business could gain success, it must be short-term and would be eliminated ruthlessly finally.

CWMALLS, an online garment brand devoted to original design and innovative design, specializes in various leather jackets/coats, leather shoes and leather bags. In order to offer consumers original and distinctive products, it invites designers from all over the world especially America and Europe. Though there are only minor differences between some products, it aims to provide more options to consumers in case they are unsatisfied with some details. Just as Charles Eames put it "The details are not the details. They make the design." Each detail reflects the designer’s idea. But comparing with other brands, they are quite distinctive and several categories are really unique in the world. What’s more, some of the designs have applied for patent. It is worth mentioning that it offers custom made service of leather jackets/coats, which complements each other with original design as it can not only provide custom size but also change the details you request. It aims at offering consumers the best shopping experience and meeting their personalized requirements.

As a saying goes “Designs come from life”, original designers find the needs in life and then change them into designs to make life better. That’s what original design matters. Let’s support original design together and create a more beautiful life!



Freelance writer, columnist

Oct 22, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

A black-and-white boot beyond imagination

Which two colors in your opinion are the most matched or the most compatible when put together? From my point of view, they are black and white. Maybe the majority of you will agree with me. Black is the darkest color while white is the brightest one, which are two extremes of color. The more contrastive they are, the more inseparable they will be. Therefore, countless things in our life are made up of these two colors especially in garment area. Nevertheless, black-and-white leather shoes are seldom found not to mention such leather boots. Here I’d like to introduce a black-and-white leather short boot to you and freshen your eyes.


Now you can refer to the above picture, what’s your first impression of it? Quite obvious black and white contrast heaves in sight, right? Different from ordinary zebra pattern that is alternate black and white, it’s divided into two parts where white is held essential with black as a supplement. Such primary and secondary designs are more artistic especially with the irregular curves. Then the shining metal pointed toe catches our eyes. This unique design makes the boot more noticeable and handsome. Accompanying the metal toe, there are metal decorations along the curve, making the whole boot more magnificent and coordinated. For easy putting on and taking off, it has a zipper on the side. Having learned about its design and appearance, you shouldn’t view it as merely a vase, namely, impractical. It can not only be a perfect choice for parties and balls but also be a wise option for daily wear. The high quality leather and sole will keep your feet comfy and dry after a whole day’s walking. Reading here, have you been appealed to it?

Vikrmn, an Indian writer, once wrote in his work, “The most colorful thing in the world is black and white, it contains all colors and at the same time excludes all.” Actually in the eyes of many people, black and white are not as simple as they seem to be, which depends on your aesthetic and ideology. So does the boot.



Freelance writer, columnist

July 8, 2016

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Woven Leather Loafers —— The Art of Walking

Speaking of art, do you think of some famous paintings, sculptures and architectures at the first time? Yes, that’s what the majority of people will do. But have you ever thought what you wear every day can also become an art? Nowadays the aims of our selection of dress are not only comfort and  practicability but also beauty, personality, even artistry. Actually, art has turned into an attitude toward life.
Mr. Lagerfeld, designer of leather loafers series of CWMALLS COMMODITY, has launched two kinds of men’s woven leather loafers recently. The following pictures are his manuscripts.

They are both made of hand woven, which has a high demand of craftsmanship and carefulness. Let’s look at the material objects now.


The first kind is made of pure-color woven, which seems comparatively  plain. However, it has a sense of hierarchy with the large or small rectangles, making it different from other ordinary woven shoes. The second type is pretty colorful, doesn’t it? It can give everyone a visual impact at the first sight. Then you may be surprised by its complex and exquisite workmanship. In addition, it adopts the classic lace-up design, making it more fitted to wear. To some extent, it seems just like a sandal because it has a lot of interspace, which is very breathable and cool to wear. What’s more, it’s unnecessary to concern about the comfort of them. They employ flat rubber outsoles, which are as lithe as the photos show.


To show your fashion taste, you’d better not wear socks when wearing these loafers. Also rolling up your trousers a little and baring your ankles could be much better. After my introduction of the woven leather loafers, have you formed a new concept of dressing and art? If not, you can just try one of them and experience it in person. Believe me, it will not let you down.



Freelance writer, columnist

June 29, 2016